Emeroteca Digitale (BNB)

Emeroteca Digitale (BNB)
Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (BNB) maintains a free digital library entitled Emeroteca Digitale located at http://emeroteca.braidense.it/
This repository contains the full-text of over 300 Italian journals.
To locate the full-text of a particular periodical, choose Catalogo and then either browse by initial letter of the journal title, or use the search facility. In order to view the full-text pages, the DjVu Browser is required (as of 2005, March 5, this is still required).
There are links to Emeroteca Digitale (BNB) from the following history page in the Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum (Inventory of the Oldest Scholarly Societies):